16 Raksha Bandhan Gifts To Surprise Your Brother

There are many festivals which are celebrated by us. But Raksha Bandhan has a special place in our hearts. It strengthens the wonderful bond between brothers and sisters across the world. Be it petty fights or heart-to-heart conversations , brothers and sisters share countless memories with each other.

20 Best Gift Ideas For Your Friends You Wish You Knew Before Ordering

Friendship Day means something special for all of us. For children it is tying friendship bands. However for adults, it serves as a reason to acknowledge friends who have always been there for us. It also gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our friends who we have not heard from in a long period of time.

22 Classic Corporate Gifts One Can Ever Dream Of

Gifts are the silent ambassador of your brands, relation or business. Gifting is the trait of recognition, concern and appreciation. Gifts help you to bridge with colleagues, delegates, boss, clients and customers by adding a personal touch and professional diplomacy. Hence in GiftsEra, we have listed a few handpicked classic corporate gifts :

7 Books that will change your perception of Love

Every time you open a book, a little magic falls out. Similar fascinating wizardry is love. Both never fail to mesmerize. At GiftsEra, we have blended a splendid list of book collections on love psychology, to relive love. These collections have heartfelt, affection, and passionate stories that will enrich the spirits of romance in your loved ones.

Best books to gift your girlfriend in this planet

Books carry a rich essence of romance, introduces us to different plots, characters, situations just to tell a common saying: – “Love is the true eternal”. They carry the power to make your loved ones laugh, cry or surprised. I would love to introduce you to a variety of such scripts that will make us fall in love again, one more time. Here is a list of some inspirational romantic-comedies, pleasing fantasies and appealing stories that you can gift your girlfriend.

7 Re-Discovered books on India you will definitely Love

Do you ever feel that you don’t know your country well? Do you think you should know something more about India? Well, Here is a list of books by various accomplished Indian authors on the historical, geographical, and political aspects of this great and diverse nation.

10 Exciting Gifts for Children:- Gifts that kids would enjoy

Children are little bundles of joy. Always in an exciting mood, they bring a smile to our faces even in the toughest times. All your worries instantly disappear when you see a smile on your child’s face. Here are a few exciting gifts for children which would not only bring a smile to their faces but would also be worth their while.