7 Books  that will change your perception of Love

Every time you open a book, a little magic falls out. Similar fascinating wizardry is love. Both never fail to mesmerize. At GiftsEra, we have blended a splendid list of book collections on love psychology, to relive love. These collections have heartfelt, affection, and passionate   stories that will enrich the spirits of romance in your loved ones.  Presenting 7 books  that would change your perception of love.

The Hating Game - (An unconventional love story)


It is a funny, sweet, adorable, intoxicating office romance about two sworn enemies that fell in love. Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman are 2 colleagues working hard at a job to be recognized. A corner office availability, they are caught in a never-ending game of one-upmanship. If Lucy wins this game, she’ll be Joshua’s boss. If she loses, she’ll resign. After a perfectly innocent elevator ride ends with an earth-shattering kiss, Lucy starts to wonder whether she’s got Joshua Templeman all wrong. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game. The author’s writing is very charming, self-deprecating, quick-witted, and funny.

“I and my heart, both are addicted” – Handpicked comment.

Stories We Never Tell


“All that matters is you are happy and loved”. This is a unique story that not only revolves around depressions but also the pressures that young people put on them. A budding social media influencer, Jhanvi has everything in life but misses its essence. Ashray, an ambitious man, bring his dreams to reality across hardships. But his insecurities play a trauma of rejections. It is a story of hope and recovery when destiny crosses their paths. The author’s plot is highly relatable to the young generation and her witty and meticulous writing style always keeps us in the loop.

“This plot is a vivid description of the stories every-one of us is hiding in ourselves.”  – Handpicked comment.

The Happy Ever After Playlist


“Destiny writes the future. In any form mine was a dog”. It is an adorable and fresh romantic comedy about one dog that brings together two perfect strangers. Sloan Monroe is still morning for her fiancé who was dead 2 years ago was a cute pup on the streets. The pup actually belonged to Janson, an ambitious musician from Australia. The cute pup turned a troublesome dog that had different plans for her mistress and ex-master. Will Janson jeopardize his career for the sake of love is the crust of the book? The author’s writing is simple, humorous, and sensitive to human emotions. 

“This plot is a vivid description of the stories every-one of us is hiding in ourselves.”  – Handpicked comment.

The Right Swipe - (The Perfect Love Story for Millenials)


“A fairy tale- an unfinished date 4 years ago is your today’s business competitor”. Love The main female character, Rhiannon is the developer and co-owner of Crush, an online date making app. Samson Lima is a former NFL player and is the nephew of a rival company- The Match Makers. A right swipe brought both on an unfinished date in the past. The story then unfolds in the present. The author also deals with such a diverse and unique array of subplots and handled them all spectacularly. The story is complete as it is justified from both the leads and has the essence of a dot-com world filled with romance with intimacy, uncertainty, and disorientation.

“’Not only is this book hilarious and heartfelt, it felt real’.”- Handpicked comment.

I Too Had a Love Story

“Arranged love marriage or love-arranged marriage”. It is the tender and heartfelt autobiographical story of Ravin and Khushi. Ravin, an IT professional from Infosys nearing marrying age is on a personal mission to look for a bride, but on a unique route- the matrimonial site. Kushi, an MBA student, on the other end reciprocates the intentions, and they fall in love. Their life is refined with the purest form of affection until fate decides otherwise. She gets involved in a car accident and hence hospitalized (ICU). It is a tragic love story of Orkut generations. The author has beautifully crafted it in a traditional Indian background with crystalline essence of love.

“All love stories are beautiful but not happy ending. A book by a person in love” – Handpicked comment.

If I Never Met You

“The script is already written, not with the one you desire but with the best”. A decade-old love breakup hits the female lead Laurie; she hasn’t come out of the trauma yet. Seeing him daily in her law firm didn’t help either. Jamie has a tarnishing reputation being a ladies man. Hence both of them decided to fake a relationship to portray them better to society. But life had different plans; their pact was broken, but they fail to recognize it and then acknowledge it their partners. The author’s writing has been special especially in slow-burn romance, one-line comebacks, and emotional sequences. This book is sure to clear many doubts about true love and the psychology that holds a relationship together.

“All love stories are beautiful but not happy ending. A book by a person in love” – Handpicked comment.

The Girl He Used to Know

“Every love story needs a closure; else the game is just not yet over”. Annika Rose, an English major at the University of Illinois. She is an introvert and social distances herself from people in a library between books. Jonathan Hoffman, a young handsome, joins in the chess club and happens to lose both the game and his heart to Annika. They fight the odds and their relationship brought the best among them. But a tragedy forces them to part separately. A decade later, history repeats as a divorced Wall Street wizard (Jonathan) meets a librarian single lady (Annika) to complete their story.

“This book is the reason why my marriage is alive. It is a treasure, proud I had a hunt at it.”- Handpicked comment.

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