20 Best Gift Ideas For Your Friends You Wish You Knew Before Ordering

Friendship Day means something special for all of us. For children it is tying friendship bands. However for adults, it serves as a reason to acknowledge friends who have always been there for us.  It also gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our friends who we have not heard from in a long period of time.

In 2020 we have to embrace the challenges that the lockdown has to offer. But there is no need to worry. We have 20 best gift ideas that would make your friendship day special. Even though you would not be able to meet your friends ,you can make them feel special with these wonderful gifts.

1. For The Friend Who Has Always Been There For You

We all have a friend we can rely upon  in every situation. Whether it is everyday tasks or 3 AM calls, this friend is always there for you. Believe it or not he/she is an integral part of your life.

The ALDIVO Gift Set consists of a coffee mug,cushion cover, greeting card and a keychain. This is a gift which shows how much your friend means to you. After all such friends last forever.

2. For Your Partner in Crime

There is always a friend without whom everything seems incomplete. This friend is the Jai to your Veeru or the Monica to your Rachel. In other words whenever you are remembered your partner in crime is also mentioned with you.

Presenting the Tera Yaar Hoon Main T-Shirt for your best friend. This T-Shirt symbolizes the close relationship between both of you. You can also buy two t-shirts; One for you and one for your best buddy.

For more  such personalized gift ideas for your friend, check here

3. For Your Friend Who Has A Sweet Tooth

People love to eat different kinds of food. There is hardly anyone who can say “No” to something sweet. In fact there is always room for dessert.

The Chocolate Gift Basket Hamper is the perfect gift for the friend with a sweet tooth. The variety of flavors and options ensure that this is a wonderful gift. These include Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond and Cashew among others. What’s more, this is the best gift to share with family.

4. For Your Friend Who Is A Fashion Icon

Everyone aspires to look good. Some of us are impressed by fashionable models like Kendall Jenner. Others are astonished by the ridiculous fashion choices of Ranveer Singh. Either way everyone has a different perception of a fashion icon.

The BIBA Bubble Hem Dress is the perfect gift for your fashionista friend. This is a trendy gift and is also comfortable to wear. The sea green colour is perfect for the rainy season. A perfect blend of style and comfort is what you need to beat the lockdown!

5. For The Superhero Fan

All of us have heroes that we idolize. This is because they have qualities admired by each and every one of us. For some of us it is the people around us that inspire us. For others it is the larger than life comic book superheroes.

Presenting the Avengers Endgame Edition Tony Stark Bobblehead. Tony Stark’s journey has inspired everyone. From inventing a suit to leading a cohesive unit, he has done it all. What are you waiting for? Gift your friend his/her favourite superhero.

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6. For Reliving Your Memories

We all wish to relive our beautiful memories once again. From causing mischief in school to , we have come a long way. There are endless memories including long drives and happy times.

Ravinder Singh’s ‘Like It Happened Yesterday ‘gives you an opportunity to relive those wonderful memories. It follows the author’s wonderful journey from childhood to adulthood with a number of relatable incidents. Reading this book will be a great experience for your friend.

For more such books you can check it out here

7. For The Fitness Freak

Going to the gym is a practice followed by a considerable amount of people. For many of us it is a passion. They wish to build their body the perfect way. However the current situation is such that going to the gym is not possible.

Don’t Worry! GiftsEra has the perfect gift for the fitness lover. Presenting the RIYAAN Combo Fitness Set. This is the complete package. With dumbbells, bars and 16 kg weights , this gift has a lot to offer. Keep yourself and your friend healthy with this wonderful gift!

8. For the Friend Who Is Going Through Tough Times

Life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes we need to face tough situations in our lives. In such situations friends can be of tremendous help. Friends can provide reliable advice, thus providing much needed support.

The “I’ll Be There For You” pillow is a pleasant reminder to your friend that he/she is not alone. Being a “Friends” fan is only an added bonus. This gift will assure your friend that no matter what you will always be there for him/her.

For more of such personalized gifts for your friend you can check here

9. For Your Gamer Buddy

Friends who play together stay together! Whenever you are bored or need some time to relax you always remember this friend. Whether you win or you lose it does not matter. All that matters is that it’s always a wonderful game with this friend.

This friendship day gift your buddy the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” poster. This gift reminds your friend of the countless matches you have played. Every match was a different experience. Similarly every day you spend with your friend is worth being remembered. In the end that is what matters the most.

For more gift options for your ‘Gamer Friend’ check here

10. For the friend who constantly annoys you

This friend is always a pain in your neck. Whether it is the long phone calls or the silly questions , it is very annoying. Sometimes you feel like putting the call on mute. You  always wonder what to do with this person.

Presenting the Nobita  bobblehead. This perfectly symbolises the relationship between you and your friend.Like Nobita goes to Doraemon with his problems, this friend comes to you. If your friend does not understand the reason for gifting this, let it be. Trust me, it is more fun that way!

You can check here for more such gift ideas

11. For the Travel Lover

How many of your friends have the word “Wanderlust” in their Instagram bio? A lot! People love to travel. Whether it is around the worls or within our country, there is always something that never fails to amaze us. Sadly, due to lockdown travelling is not possible.

But don’t lose heart. Here’s the perfect gift for your friend who loves to travel. “The Bucket List” is a book with the underlying message that you should take out time from your busy schedule to do things you have never done before. So what are you waiting for? Make your life exciting with “The Bucket List”!

You can check more gifts for your traveler friend here.

12. For the Cleanliness Freak

How many of you have noticed a friend who is always prim and proper. Everything that belongs to him/her is perfectly in place. This friend always keeps his surroundings clean. Even the slightest error can cause a lot of trouble.

Cleanliness is a challenge, especially during lockdown. To overcome it we at GiftsEra present the perfect gift. We have the Eureka Forbes 1000 Watt Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is attractive,compact and portable. It can help you clean your rooms in just a couple of minutes. In other words it is the perfect gift for a cleanliness freak.

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13. For the Masterchef

Cooking is a talent recognized by all. For some it is a passion whereas for others it is a stress buster. Having a friend who can cook wonderful food is a blessing.

Buried Seeds by Karan Bellani is a story about the journey of Chef Vikas Khanna. It is a story of how a boy from humble beginnings in Amritsar became a Michelin Starred Chef. With gut,guile and determination he has become one of the top chefs of the world. This book will inspire your friend to follow his dreams and achieve his goal.

14. For The Three Musketeers

There is a popular notion that best friends arrive in groups of three. This has been shown by movies such as 3 Idiots and Dil Chahta Hai and web series like Tripling. In fact many of us remember tripling with our friends in bike rides. A group of three is always bound to stay together.

GiftsEra presents the perfect gift for a group of three. We have the Yellow Chimes Best Friends Forever locket perfectly split in three.  This gift implies the unique bond that you share with your two best friends.

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15. For the Couch Potato

We all have a friend who is very lazy. No matter what happens he does not move an inch. Whenever you see this person he would either be lying down or sitting idle. This friend would always be chilling while watching his friends while watching his favourite TV Series.

The “Bhayankar Aalsi” pillow is the perfect way to describe your friend. This friend is a real life Panda who enjoys life lying down.What’s more your friend can make the most of this situation. #StayHomeStaySafe.

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16. For the Drama Queen

There is always a friend who likes to be the center of attention. This friend likes it when she is the talk of the town. Trending everywhere is her speciality.Her inspiration is Kareena Kapoor from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Ladies and gentlemen meet the Drama Queen!

GiftsEra has a “Hatke” gift for the drama queen. This quirky gift is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face. All we can say is “Chori Badi Drama Queen Hai”!

Check here for more such ideas for your “Drama Queen” friend

17. For The Friend Who Is Always Late

In Bollywood movies in every situation the police always comes late. In real life we have at least one friend who is exactly like that. Whether it is office meetings or buying tickets for a movie this friend is always late.He cannot avoid being late for any situation.

GiftsEra offers you a chance to gift your friend The Timex Analog Watch. This gift is simple but effective. As a Friendship Day gift this watch would have more meaning. Hopefully your friend would understand the message and wear this watch every day, so that he avoids being late.

For more options on watches, check here

18. For The Bathroom Singer

Have you noticed your friend singing Teri Deewani  out of the blue? Have you heard a random item song out of nowhere.? One person is guilty for all of these:- The Bathroom Singer. This friend can sing a variety of songs when comfortable in her private space.

The Nextthink Q7 Golden Collar Mic is a suitable gift for this friend. She might gain the confidence to sing at the top of her lungs. In other words this would be a wonderful gift.

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19. For the Multitasking Friend

Everyone is familiar with the concept of multitasking. What if you had something which could do multiple tasks at once? On top of that the product is easy to use.This would be an absolute delight!

Introducing the Victorinox Spartan Swiss Knife. With its compact design and reasonable pricing, this is a perfect gift for a handyman. This knife has a Cork Screw, Can Opener, Bottle Opener and many more. All this is enough for your friend to appreciate the value of this gift.

20. For the Nature Lover

Nature is god’s gift to mankind. Some of us appreciate the beauty of nature more than others. You would often see a friend of yours promoting the use of natural products . Ths friend believes in staying as healthy and natural as possible.

The Root Bridges Golden Money Plant is the perfect gift for the nature lover.This plant would give you a wonderful view of nature. What’s more it is very healthy as it removes pollutants like Carbon Monoxide.  Buying this gift makes you feel great, as it is a small step to reduce the Carbon footprint.

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