How we are Different?

Other Gifting Platforms

It is very normal that if you have more options to select from, you will end up confused and frustrated. This process can be time consuming and you might even miss out on the best gifts.

Other Platform Services:-

  • Unclear Options-Most Gifting sites have a wide range of Gifting options. However, choosing the perfect gift is not easy. The visitor  might end up confused after seeing so many options for a single search. This would cause frustration and he might end up buying nothing. 
  • Gift Suggestions- There are usually common gifts for all categories. For example, children’s gifts include toys, mother’s gifts include purses and so on. Other websites do not emphasize on personalized gifts like GiftsEra does. Our motto that is to “express feelings with gifts” is given the maximum priority while shortlisting the ideas for our visitors.
  • Difficult User Interface– Our site aims to be as customer-friendly as possible. Most sites do not have a very good user interface. Therefore we ensure that our site has a good user interface for both Smartphones and PC users. In addition to this we have provided frequently asked questions and a contact us page in order to address the grievances of our customers.


At GiftsEra, we understand how you might feel while choosing a gift for yourself or your loved ones. That’s why we suggest you the most Hand-Picked Gifts so that you don’t end up confused and frustrated.

GiftsEra Services:-

  • Gifts for all your loved ones– At GiftsEra we have a vast collection of gifts for all your loved ones. Your mother might need a backrest after a long day’s work or your father might need something to relax after working in the office. GiftsEra has covered all these needs with a wide variety of gifts suitable for all situations. Apart from mothers and fathers we also have gifts for children, brothers,sisters and many more.
  • Personalised Handpicked Gifts– What is a better way to express yourself than giving gifts? If  you want to appreciate your girlfriend or thank your best friend for being there for you , GiftsEra is the perfect choice. We have all kinds of personalised gifts for girlfriends , boyfriends and many others.From small keychains to large photo frames, we have them all.
  • Premium Suggestions– At GiftsEra we have gifts with good reviews. The gifts on our website have been carefully selected using Google Analytics and the latest trends.Personal opinion has also been used while selecting the gifts and categorizing them. After all, what is gifting without a personal touch?

We at GiftsEra guarantee that our user is satisfied with the vast options of Gifts presented by us. In the end we just want our users to feel happy about the gifts  they are sending to  their loved ones.