10 Exciting Gifts for Children:-
Gifts that kids would enjoy

Children are little bundles of joy. Always in an exciting mood, they bring a smile to our faces even in the toughest times. All your worries instantly disappear when you see a smile on your child’s face. Here are 10 exciting gifts for children which would not only bring a smile to their faces but would also be worth their while.

1. Peppa Pig: Little Library board book for Kids (3-6 years)

Have you ever thought your kids should read something educational as well as interesting? Peppa Pig is the answer. Based on the animated series of the same name, the books focus on Peppa Pig and her fun adventures.

The books also highlight her interactions with her friends and family. Each of her friends is an animal of different species.They are ideal for pre-school children as they help to teach them valuable life lessons. These include road safety, manners, and etiquette. Children can also learn about family values, tolerance, and biodiversity from these books.

Also, these books can help the children to imbibe the habit of reading. Written in simple language , this book series is perfect for children who wish to start reading. The combination of easy to understand text and colorful illustrations, enable the books to be an exciting read. The back of these six books combines together to form a jigsaw puzzle as well.

2.Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals(5 to 10 years)

10 exciting gifts for children Imagimake

Children love jigsaw puzzles. The idea of putting things together to create a masterpiece is simply wonderful. What if jigsaw puzzles were educational as well? That would be an icing on the cake! Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals provides jigsaw puzzle pieces, flags, and State-Capital stickers. The pieces when combined together form the map of India.

Children can place the stickers which contain the names of the capitals on the flags. Then they can place the capitals on the corresponding states. This gift enables children to know about the geography of India from an early age. Also, it helps to enhance their motor skills. The best part about this is that kids would actually have fun while learning.

3.Wooden Xylophone Musical Toy for Kids (3 to 6 years)

10 exciting gifts for children Xylophone

Learning music can be an educational experience. But it can also be fun. That is exactly what little children need. What can be more fun than learning music on a colorful xylophone! 

This toy consists of a wooden  toy xylophone with two sticks. Each note is of a different color. Safety measures have also been taken. In fact, non-toxic paint has been used. The edges are smoothened so that kids don’t not get hurt while playing with it. 

Children can also learn simple songs like Happy Birthday to You and Humpty Dumpty. Otherwise, they can just play the xylophone whatever way they want to. Either way, this proves to be a perfect gift for kids!

4.Dancing Puppy Toy with Music Flashing Lights (3 to 6 years)

10 exciting gifts for children Toyshine

Here is a gift which is a visual treat for kids. Presenting Toyshine’s Dancing puppy toy  with Flashing Lights. It has a rotating wheel at the bottom which helps it to move around. Standing six inches tall, the cute puppy toy can also change its direction when it meets a barrier.

 This toy also performs a variety of movements. These include spinning, moving its head back and forth, and moving its arms. The puppy grooves to the beat with flashing lights. This can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The cute toy  is visually stimulating, showing a mixture of colorful lights. Kids would learn about colors and, have fun with this exciting toy.

5.Funko Batman 80th Pop Heroes (3 years and above)


Imagine having the dark knight by your side always. You can make your kid’s wish come true by gifting him/her this Batman. This Batman model is the 80th Anniversary edition of the caped crusader. An exciting collectible, this gift would be treasured by every child.

Standing four inches tall, this toy is also armed with a Batarang. Dressed in the traditional black suit with the signature Batman symbol, this Batman is a delight for Batman fans of all ages. The hero of Gotham city is waiting to arrive at your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Go order your Batman Bobblehead now!

6. Spiderman Dress for Kids (2 to 10 years)


“With great power comes great responsibility”Stan  Lee

This quote from the famous Marvel comics resonates in the mind of many. It is the guiding principle of the famous fictional character Spiderman, a superhero who is loved and respected by all.How wonderful would it be if your child could dress up as his/her favourite superhero?

Presenting Fancydresswale Spiderman Dress for Kids. Available in four different sizes this gift is suitable for children from 2 to 10 years of age.This dress could be worn in multiple occasions. Be it fancy dress competitions, birthday parties or any other event, your child could dress as Spiderman. After all, every child is a superhero.

7.Barbie Doll or Shoe Blonde, multi-colour( 3 years and above)


Every child aspires to be beautiful. Children try different kinds of make-up, clothes, and accessories to achieve the perfect look. Each of them has a different take on which look is ideal for them. With the help of this gift, they can choose the best way to dress up their doll.

Using 11 accessories in these dolls and accessory sets, kids can switch the Barbie doll’s look in an instant to suit their story respective style. The doll wears a wonderful dress with a colourful striped bodice and a denim skirt paired with white shoes. Its accessories contain alternate shoes, handbags, and sunglasses.

A variety of options is helpful as children easily get bored of the same look. This toy can keep kids engaged for a long period of time. The girls can also dress up like the Barbie Doll and have fun.

8. Funskool-Fundoh Gift Set, Multi-Colour & Creative Kit (3 to 6 years)

If you want to gift your child something he/she will never be bored of, this gift is the perfect answer. The colourful set consists of  twelve Play-Doh tubs and all of them come in different colours. This gift will help to unleash the inner artist in your child.

The Play Dohs can be modeled into anything the children want.  Thus, children would be engaged with this toy set for a long period of time. If you want to spend some quality time with your children, join them on this exciting journey of modeling Play-Doh. It would be worth your time.

9.LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll Building Blocks for Kids (3 years and above)


Does your child want a multi-storeyed building, Does he want a brand new toy car? Or does he simply want to build anything that he likes? In that case, this is the product for you. Suitable for boys and girls alike, this gift helps your child explore a myriad of options.

The blocks themselves are available in a large number of shapes and colors. This gift also contains an instruction manual that can be used to guide the children. They can build some amazing characters, buildings, or even a city. If you want to foster your child’s creativity, this gift would help you to do so. It would open the doors to a new world for your child.

10.Classic Jenga, Hardwood Blocks, Stacking Tower Game for Kids (6 years and above)

Spending time with family can also be fun. What is a better way to spend quality time with your family, than playing Jenga? This classic game consists of fifty-four wooden blocks. These blocks are arranged to form a structure.

The rules are simple. Each player has to remove a block in such a way that the structure won’t fall. This goes on turn by turn. The player who causes the structure to fall loses.This game is for everyone. It can be played with family as well as friends. So what are you waiting for? Be prepared for an exhilarating journey with the fantastic game of Jenga.

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