Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music and Flashing Lights

Here are some flagship features of this cute puppy toy.:-

  • Bump and Go.
  • Vibrant Lighting Effect.
  • A myriad of Movements.
  • Colour Recognition.
  • Non-Toxic.
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Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music and Flashing Lights

Here’s a gift which is a visual treat for everybody. Presenting Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music and Flashing Lights. The puppy toy stands about 6 inches tall. It is recommended for preschool children (from 3 to 6 years of age). Batteries are not included with this model. Three AAA batteries and the dancing dog is good to go.

Bump and Go

A rotating wheel at the base of the puppy enables it to move around. This cute puppy toy can move with its universal wheel and change the direction if it meets a barrier. It also features a  wide variety of lights and music.

Vibrant Lighting Effect

This toy is visually stimulating, showing a  variable mixture of colourful and vibrant lights. The child would learn about colours and have fun. The robot will dance to the beat and make a light show with colourful flashing lights that children will love.

Myriad of Movements

The puppy toy can perform impressive spinning action and move its arms and legs with the song (Left and Right). The head of the puppy shakes back and forth, rotation.  This toy provides enormous enjoyment to kids and grownups alike.

Colour Recognition

From the puppy’s eyes to its ball and body, it is highly visually stimulating showing your child a bunch of colours and lights. Your toddler will learn about colours and have fun. In addition to this, the toy also helps to develop better hand-eye coordination and visionary skills.


The puppy toy is made of non-toxic and 100% safe material. Parents have no need to worry about the safety of the product at all.